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Gigit Community is the all-in-one, FREE social platform built especially for the volunteer and non-profit community that gives back.

Making communities better together

The organizations and individuals dedicated to ensuring that all community members have the support and help they require, need better ways to efficiently and effectively connect the right people and support with those who need it most.

But the non-profit community needs more than just software to succeed. It needs a platform that brings the whole community together, because together, every community is stronger.


That’s a Gigit community. 

Here's what's happening at Gigit



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Gigit Workshop

Tuesday August 18th 2020 @ 11am EST

Geting Started On Gigit

Gigit Workshop

Thursday August 20th 2020 @ 11am EST

Gigit Events & Fundraising Setup

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A world-class platform with flexible, intuitive features & functionality

Gigit Community is a simple to use, complete platform that replaces the need for multiple software solutions. Designed for any non-profit, charity, or foundation that needs to manage volunteers, events, donors, campaigns, peer-to-peer fundraising, and more –  it also provides the data and insights you need to make informed fundraising, community service, and organizational decisions.


Volunteer Management

Simple yet robust volunteer management in one easy to use platform.

Gigit Community includes a complete volunteer management platform.  Not only do we give you the tools to manage your volunteers, we bring the volunteers to you!

  • Post volunteer applications that will be immediately available to the thousands of volunteers and students already using Gigit​

  • Manage volunteer applications for your organization or event​

  • Custom application forms let you capture any information you want about your volunteers​

  • Shift management ​

  • Drag & Drop volunteer scheduling​

  • Complete volunteer profiles and analytics

Donation & Donor Management

Manage online and offline donations, and steward your donors, with a complete donor management platform.

Finally, a platform that allows you to manage your donors in the same place as your volunteers, events, and fundraisers - giving you more opportunities to convert potential donors who are passionate about your cause.

  • Accept online and offline donations for your group or events​

  • Campaign management including configurable funds for each campaign​

  • Automated or manual tax receipting​

  • One-time or recurring donations​

  • Find more meaningful ways to steward your donors with a complete donor management solution including donor information and analytics

Events & Fundraising

A complete solution for managing your events and fundraising campaigns.

Managing events and fundraising on Gigit Community is simplified for both you and your attendees, donors, and fundraisers with customized event pages created using simple drag and drop design functionality that can:

  • Track registrations​

  • Sell tickets, merchandise and add-ons​

  • Manage event volunteers, including application management, shift scheduling and in-app communication​

  • Collect online and offline donations and manage donors 

  • Peer-to-peer fundraising and fundraising on-behalf-of, including custom team and individual pages with unique urls and handles for easy sharing and donation management

  • Automated or manual tax receipts

  • Attendee Management and communications including attendee check-in

Gigit is a social platform that connects communities

The Gigit Community is full of people looking to make a difference.

By creating Gigit as a social platform, we’re able to bring your organization more volunteers, donors, and supporters that you may never have reached before.  At Gigit, we’re committed to building better communities both online and off.

  • Gigit partners with school boards which brings thousands of student volunteers to the platform


  • Volunteer centres work closely with Gigit to give their member organizations better tools to manage their operations

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Gigit Community is part of the Gigit Marketplace family

Gigit Community is part of the Gigit Marketplace family that encompasses a variety of markets on the Gigit platform including boards of education, universities and colleges, small businesses and local communities, professional fundraisers and event managers, wellness professionals, space rentals, and so many others.  At Gigit Marketplace, we are constantly evolving and adding new features and functionality to our platform in an effort to better serve the communities in which we live and work.

We can't wait for you to be a part of our Gigit Community

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